Australiana Australiana Sunset on the Monaro Plains 205720488 Barrington Tops 205720489 Days Work Done, Farming near the Brindabellas, International Year of the Farm Family 205720535 ...through poppies grow ... 205732513 Handsome Soldier 205720517 Old Man Emu 205720511 Endangered Red Tailed Black Cockatoo 205720521 High Country Farming 205720512 Blackie - Endangered Black Cockatoo 205720513 Black Cockatoo 205720516 Sulphur Crested White Cockatoo 205720515 Tidal River 205720543 Grass Tree 205720532 Gums on Cooma Plains 205720490 Superb Blue Fairy Wren 205720522 Morning Storm over Cowra 205720492 King Parrot 205720533 Storm over the Monaro Plains 205720508 Lake Albina 205720491 Tasmanian Waratah 205720514 Murrumbidgee River Bend 205720510 Brayshaw's Hut 205731947 Red Tailed Black Cockatoo 205731948 Red Tailed Black Cockatoo in Flight 205731949 White Cockatoo in Flight #3 205731950 Kosciuszko National Park - Lake Albina 205731951 Gum Tree and Erosion 205731952 Rainbow Lorikeet 205731953 Perception of Place 205731954 View from Kosciuszko 205731955 Lake Hart South Australia Lake Hart, just north of Woomera, is a large shallow lake that is usually covered in white Salt. In fact, in the early 1900's, the Commonwealth Salt Mining Company mined and refined the salt from Lake Hart for domestic consumption. It was said that the salt was saltier than other salt available within Australia and that "housewives only needed half as much Lake Hart salt in this cooking because it was so salty." The salt mining closed down in the mid 1930s as alternative cheaper sources of salt became available. Andrew painted Lake Hart following his recent road trip through outback South Australia. When he stopped at the lake he was surprised to see it covered with water and floating ice crystals. The painting shows the reflected hills in the background, broken by the thin layer of salt on the edge of the lake. In the foreground Andrew shows the salt drying infrastructure that is gradually deteriorating after being abandoned over 80 years ago. 205853203 206168705 Blue Lake - Kosciuszko National Park 206168710 Lake Albina 2 - Kosciuszko National Park 206168723 Escaping the Fires 206168729